ForksMax is is a subsidiary company of Thomas Engineering Solutions LLC. we are dedicated to delivering efficient solutions for the handling of palletized load in warehouses and logistics centers. We offer exclusive, high quality and efficient products that, along with our more than 12 years of experience, make us a strategic partner for your operations. We are committed to the operational continuity and sustainability of our clients. We know the importance of the service we deliver and therefore we have invested time and resources in the training of our more than 100 professional technicians distributed throughout the USA, in order to deliver fast and efficient assistance. Our commitment is to help our clients focus completely on their businesses, leaving the handling of their load in expert hands.

Market-Leading Forklift Spare Parts

1000,000+ Forklift spare parts are available in stock now

Buying genuine forklift parts from ForksMax

Means safety, guaranteed quality, performance and confidence in your operations.


We have a stock of spare parts that meets the needs of 95% of the equipment used in the market, including both combustion and electrical equipment. We serve brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, and Yale, among others. Since our efforts are geared towards excellent delivery of quality, ForksMax provides a variety of after-sale services such as warranty, technical service and support for all our equipment.

At ForksMax we provide a wide variety of forklift spare parts

Including hydraulic and electric motors, gears, discs, brake pads, air filters, inflated tires, and radiators, among others. We are committed to ensuring the qualities and exceptional durability of the components of our forklifts, which have the strongest chassis and most resistant traction unit in the market. We have permanent stock of every spare part you may need.